Carbon Steel Fittings

Canares "Quick Fit" carbon steel fittings are most durable and mechanical strength and reasonable cost these fittings has become industries plumbers friendly. The material bearing high mechanical stress together with the universal, standard push fit method ensure a safe use in a wide range of applications.

Fields of Application

  • Hot and cold water services
  • Heating applications
  • Low temperature hot water heating
  • Pressurised, vented and unvented heating systems
  • Oil,Steam, Power, Pulp, Refinery For the different applications please refer to us.


  • Corrosion retarding push fit
  • Most high-grade material with best galvanizability
  • Special tested fittings for high pressures above 25 bar.
  • No welding or threading, zero leakage, less mess, no risk of heat exchanging.
  • Easy to install and modify, labour and cost saving, connection are made in fraction of time.
  • Energy efficient and reusable

    Technical Data:

  • Material of Consturction: WCB
  • Connection type: Push to fit
  • Cerfification : ISO
  • Max.Working pressure: 30 bar
  • Plant Testing Pressure 1 hr at 20 degree c: 40 bar
  • Quality testing pressure 1 hr at 20 degree C: 40 bar
  • Continuous Service Temp Limit: upto 200o C
  • Max Peak Temp: 200C-Viton
  • Clamp ring: WCB/Engineering Plastic
  • Thread Standard: BSP(metric)/NPT.
  • Manufacturing with safety norms: CE self declared.
  • Range: 20mm-200m-3/4" -8"
  • Temperature range:-20oC to 200oC
  • Connection:Pushfit
  • Fittings:CarbonSteel
  • Surface:black or hot dip galvanized
  • Suitable for:steel pipes acc. to EN 10255