Valve Automation

CANARES is a leading system house for automated valves and flow components for industrial valve control application. For over 13 years we have been providing state of art technology in valve automation catering to various clients ranging from small equipment manufactures to giant manufacturing ,chemical, food and pharmaceutical companies. We offer complete valve automation services designed to your specified application. Full design capabilities are offered including PLC controls and SCADA customization.

We offer cost effective solutions for valve automation like,Optimum solution of valves to best suit the application.

  • Interface of valve to PLC I/O
  • Selection of appropriate PLC system and I/O configuration.
  • PLC programming as per application requirements.
  • HMI interface to plc system.
  • SCADA interface to PLC & Valves through communication bus.

SCADA customization with features like,Screen development & layout of value

  • Valve status & indications with animations.
  • Alarm screen & Alarm login
  • Remote/ Local control &monitoring.
  • Data acquisition and history data logging.
  • Report generation.
  • Communication to third party devices.
  • Indication, System status, Valve position,Connections, visual and audible alarm
  • Valves operation with remote alarm capability
  • Valves with electrical/ pneumatic actuators.System protection, safety and automatic full shutdown on alarms conditions.
  • PLC based valve automation package using reputed brands of PLC’s
  • Option of expansion in PLC’s I/O and optimization of control and monitoring of device
  • Streamlined automation packages designed for application, specific control are available for lower initialinvestment
  • Sensor: System flow, interval timer, Valve indication counted provision for high and low level.
  • Upgrade to SCADA SYSTEM and replacement of end devices etc.
  • Sequencing and protection, performance display, HMI with system status, suction and discharge override control.
  • Detailed I/O, wiring and termination design
  • Data modeling and application designing
  • Configuration design document development.

Sequences Selections:

  • U-1:- Steam, Main Outlet & Condensation Drain
  • U-2:- CHWS, Main Inlet, Main Outlet & CHWR
  • U-3:- HWS, Main Inlet, Main Outlet & HWR
  • U-4:- CWS, Main Inlet, Main Outlet & CWR
  • U-5:- CHBS, Main Inlet, Main Outlet & CHBR
  • OFF:- All Valves Closed Position

Canares Designs, Manufacture and Markets quality Valve automation for Process Industries. Canares develops innovative and simple designs, with cost effective methods for Valve Automation especially for the IS, 2A, 2B areas where any electrical connections can be very costly and approvals like 2A, 2B etc are required for electrical products.

Canares offers cost effective Valve automation solutions for intrinsic safe area where reactor valves needs to be automated. With our automation package all the actuators can be operated pneumatically with desired logics

Areas of Application:

  • Pharma Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Metal Industries
  • Biotech Industries etc


  • Low cost and ideal for intrinsic safe areas compared to traditional automation system.
  • To reduce labour cost and manufacturing lead time.
  • To increase labour productivity.
  • To overcome the effects of labour shortages.
  • To reduce or remove routine manual and clerical tasks.
  • Metal Industries
  • To accomplish task which cannot be done manually.